Buddhist Texts

Your Best

By Atisha

The best learning is realizing the truth of no-self.
The best discipline is taming your mindstream.
The best excellence is to have great altruism.
The best instruction is the constant observation of your mind.
The best antidote is the recognition that everything is devoid of intrinsic existence.
The best conduct is that which is at odds with the mundane world.
The best higher attainment is the lessening of your mental afflictions.
The best sign of higher attainment is a decrease in your attachment.
The best giving is the absence of possessiveness.
The best morality is a tranquil mind.
The best forbearance is to uphold humility.
The best joyful perseverance is to be able to let go of the endeavor.
The best concentration is the uncontrived mind.
The best wisdom is to make no identification of “I am” with anything.
The best spiritual teacher is to challenge your weaknesses.
The best instruction is to strike at your very own shortcomings.
The best friends are mindfulness and introspective awareness.
The best motivating factors are your enemies, obstacles, illnesses, and sufferings.
The best skillful means is to be free of second guesses.
The best beneficial deed is to help someone enter the Dharma.
The best help given is to turn someone’s thoughts to the Dharma.

From Wisdom of the Kadam Masters, edited by Thupten Jinpa © 2013. Wisdom Publications. www.wisdompubs.org.

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